Jekyll is a static site generator that I used for creating my website as well for this til.

Most commonly, for making the Jekyll site available to localhost, the command used is -

bundle exec jekyll serve

While serving it on the localhost, I felt the need of serving it to the whole network. Doing that will allow the blogger/developer to test the website on smartphones or other devices while making the changes.

For serving on the complete local area network, use --host flag along with the value

bundle exec jekyll serve --host=

Now you can go to your system’s internal IP address with the assigned port number (default: 4000).

For finding out your system’s internal IP address, use this command (source) -

ip -4 addr | grep -oP '(?<=inet\s)\d+(\.\d+){3}'

NOTE - It will list out all the IPv4 interfaces. Usually, the internal IP address starts with 192.168.X.X.